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Activities ERCA

Main activities of ERCA: Strengthening regional dialogue and knowledge exchange on biodiversity and ecosystem restoration in Central Asia; on the basis of existing good practices, reinforce regional collaboration and political dialogue on restoration of fauna and livelihood; documented good practices on ecosystem-based approaches for biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change are available through knowledge-management mechanisms.


"Abstract on walnut agroforestry project proposal" (Bishkek, 31 March 2013)

Presentation “GIZ activities in Central Asia  in the sphere of  sustainable natural resources management” at the WOCAT Share Fair and 16th WOCAT Workshop and Steering Meeting (Pretoria, South Africa, 27 May to 1 June 2013)

Round table to discuss Preliminary Appraisal Results “Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Reduction through Community-based Management of Walnut Forests” (Bishkek, 7 August  2013)

Extended meeting of the Coordination Council on the pasture management issues in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek, 31 October, 2013)

Local population in Uzbekistan learn to manage conflicts over natural resources (Farish, 5-6 December 2013)

GIZ support knowledge exchange and coordination among stakeholders on sustainable pasture management in Tajikistan (10 December 2013)


KHUB 2.0: development of knowledge management platform to facilitate the exchange of expertise, best-practices and experience among stakeholders working in the field of Natural Resource Management

Knowledge HUB 2.0: Building a Knowledge Hub for Natural Resource Management

Knowledge HUB 2.0 Project Proposal (Sebastian Stride, Gianluca Colombo) Bishkek, 4 December 2013

Minutes on working group meeting on wildlife database management and statistical reporting (Bishkek, 22 February 2014)

GIZ in framework of EU FLERMONECA project facilitated the accession of Kyrgyz Republic to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (Bishkek, 14 March 2014)

A prototype of the new Knowledge Hub for sharing of knowledge across Natural Resource platforms was presented in Bishkek (24 March 2014)

International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Argali (15 April 2014)

GIZ and WB conduct research on participatory forestry and pasture management in Kyrgyzstan (16-17 April 2014)

Meeting of the Central Asian Initiative on Migratory Mammals was held in Bishkek (16 May 2014)

GIZ promotes green economy activity in Kazakhstan in the framework of EU FLERMONECA project (21 May 2014)

The first regional training on Integrating Ecosystem Services into Development Planning was held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (May 31  - June 6, 2014)

Productive round table discussion on ‘Green Economy in Kyrgyzstan’ was conducted by EU FLERMONECA in Bishkek (6 June 2014)

Central Asian Practitioners' Conference on Advancement of Sustainable Pastrure Management (Bishkek, 17-19 November 2014)



Biodiversity Forum discussed results of conservation strategic planning in Turkmenistan (29-30 January 2015)

International Conference “Regional Practices on Sustainable use in Hunting territories and protection of wildlife” (1-3 September 2015, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan)