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General information about MONECA

Objective of Environmental monitoring in Central Asia (MONECA): Environmental monitoring, reporting and data sharing is improved in the Central Asian countries and in the region as a whole, and links and partnerships are strengthened between the respective Central Asian and EU institutions.

The activities proposed under the MONECA component will directly respond to the objective of the third subcomponent of FLERMONECA by developing capacities, infrastructure and institutional cooperation with respect to environmental information in Central Asia. They will build upon and support the continuation of activities within EURECA, and will be designed and performed in close coordination with the European Environment Agency, EUROSTAT and other EU institutions involved in the implementation of the Shared Environment Information System (SEIS) in the EU and its neighborhood. The choice of the Austria Federal Agency for the Environment (UBA) as partner for this component is dictated by their long-term experiences in dealing with such issues in transition countries and also in Central Asia. As a European-based member of EIONET, UBA is expected to build up sustainable relations also beyond the life-span of the present project between central Asian and European institution in dealing with Environmental Monitoring under the guidance of the European Environmental Agency (EEA). The international profile of UBA is complemented conveniently by the sound regional experiences in Central Asia of CAREC. CAREC has also been selected by the EU to run the AWARE component under the EURECA program umbrella. MONECA will be building on these experiences.