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General Information about Environment Agency Austria (UBA)

"We are Austria’s largest organisation of experts on all environmental issues. As an independent partner, we are working to build bridges between the economy, science and politics at national and international level. With more than 450 experts in 55 academic disciplines we are a leading provider of environmental solutions."

Environment Agency Austria – Perspectives for the environment and society

Our experience of more than 25 years makes us one of the leading providers of environmental consulting services to national and international clients. Apart from big enterprises, our clients and partners are scientific and political institutions in Austria, the EU and beyond.

Our networks are multi-faceted and far reaching. We are working to build bridges for our clients, we establish networks and we provide support and solutions in all matters which are of relevance to the environment.

We are familiar with political, scientific and economic conventions. Our networks are multi-faceted and far-reaching. 

What we stand for is reliability, transparency and independence. We perform evaluations, set standards and develop methods and recommendations. We provide the basics for decision-making. We provide sustainable solutions, and we create ecological and economic added value for our customers.

We are striving to improve the state of the environment and to preserve livelihoods and natural resources. This is how we contribute to sustainable development, by providing a vision for society and aiming to improve the quality of life of both current and future generations.