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General information about FLEG

Objective of Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in Central Asia (FLEG): The promotion of legal and sustainable forest management and utilisation practices strengthens the rule of law, tackles the growing problem of illegal forest activities and enhances local livelihoods.

Forests play a fundamental role in ecosystems stability, watershed protection and water flow regulation, income generation, in shelter provision and habitat protection and fulfil various well-documented socio-cultural functions. Maintaining and – where possible – restoring forests is the ultimate goal of the FLEG process which was extended by the St. Petersburg Declaration in 2005 to cover also Central Asian countries. The FLEG process follows the logic of a MEA and tends thus not to be specific enough to be readily applicable at any regional level. Going the FLEG way by establishing a meaningful legal base and make it respected represents the mainstream of international thinking on how to maintain and to restore forests for sustainable development. The choice of Hessen Forst as full partner of GIZ for the FLEG component has been motivated by their extensive experience in the sector in transition countries and because of profound knowledge of twining between EU and third countries institution.