Central Asia
International Roundtable “Sustainable Use and Conservation of Wildlife in Tajikistan” (2- 3 November 2016, Dushanbe-Tajikistan)


Presentation “Experiences of the community-based NGO – involvement of traditional hunters, benefits from hunting and tourism, conflict mitigation, achievements” (Munavvar Alidodov, Hunting Conservancy ‘Yoquti Darshay’)

Presentation “Fragile trophy markets: Sustainable hunting practices and community benefits are the key factors for the EU and CITES” (Dr. Heli Siitari, International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation)

Presentation “United States Fish and Wildlife Service Import Requirements: Hunter Harvested Trophies” (Mike Frisina, Conservation Force, USA)

Presentation “Global partnership against wildlife trafficking in Central Asia” (Larisa Semernya, UNEP)

Presentation “CAMI contribution to strengthening international governance of wildlife in Central Asia as well as CMS-CITES partnership” (Natalya Yakusheva, on behalf of UNEP/CMS)

Presentation "IUCN Guidelines for THOPHY HUNTING to promote conservation' (Sandro Lovari, IUCN, CSG)

Presentation “Introduction to projects on sustainable wildlife management supported by FAO in various regions” (Jaspar Albers, FAO)

Presentation “Trophy Hunting opportunities and challenges: Learning from experience of Pakistan” (Tahir Rasheed, IUCN SULI)

What are the Risks and Threats for Hunting Tourism in Tajikistan? - A Hunter’s Perspective (Speech by Manfred Graf, German Hunters’ Association (DJV)

Presentation “Community-Based Sustainable Use Conservation: Some aspects common to successful programs” (Mike Frisina, Conservation Force, USA)

Resolution of the International Round Table