Central Asia
Ibexes on th territory of hunting area 'Chakir-Corum-Trophy' in Kyrgyzstan. Spruce forest near the Issik-Kul Lake. Leskhoz Jety-Oguz.
Sustainable pasture management in the watersheds of the Jergetal and Ottuk rivers

Partners: NGO «САМР Alatoo»

Project start: 2008

Many local communities in Kyrgyzstan are completely dependent on livestock breeding. Whereas the pasture land around the settlement is heavily overgrazed and soil erosion is becoming a severe problem, the pastures in the mountains remain almost unused. A new law on pasture management has been adopted by the Kyrgyz government in 2009 and permits farmers to plan land use locally. At the moment, on the local level pasture users associations and pasture committees are established and have started to elaborate pasture management plans.

With support from the regional program, the NGO “CAMP Alatoo” facilitated the establishment of local institutions for pasture management in a pilot region in Naryn district. These local institutions (pasture committees, etc.) were supported in developing and implementing pasture management plans and in organizing a grazing system adapted to local pasture capacity in cooperation between all community members. Trainings on pasture monitoring were provided for the members of pasture committees. Besides this, tracks and bridges were rehabilitated to make the use of remote pastures possible, and the production of winter fodder was supported.